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DM Copper Bangle Magnetic Bracelets
Limited time sale


Gold Chain Mail #4251

  • Gold Chain Mail Magnetic Bracelet
  • Made with Pure Copper Core, no gold on back
  • Protective covering on back will dissolve on use, exposing the natural copper to your skin 
  • Two Therapy Magnets
  • Each magnet approx. 2000 gauss Mfg rating
  • Adjustable size
  • Money back guarantee
  • Item # 4251 
  • Retail Price $37.95
  • Sale: $21.50
Gold Chain Mail Copper Bracelet 
# 4251
The long history of wearing a copper bracelet for therapy purposes can be found in ancient Egypt as well as many east Asian countries. Throughout the years, the copper bracelet has undergone many changes, from the flat hand pounded and rough edged copper bracelet to machine manufactured copper bracelet. Designs of today's copper bracelet make it even more attractive to wear, while still providing the benefits that many say a copper bracelet provides for them. While medical science has little to say about the copper bracelet, and no medical claims can be made about it, you will find famous people - from actors and actresses to sports leaders to the next door neighbor - who wear a copper bracelet. Our bracelets combine the unipole magnets - north toward the body - with a copper bracelet to bring you a copper bracelet that will make a wonderful gift. __

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