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DM Titanium  Magnetic Bracelet # 7470
DM Titanium 7470 Bracelet
  • Large Deep Penetrating Magnets
  • Very Light Weight 
  • Pure Grade Two Unalloyed  Titanium 
  • Stronger Than Steel
  • Bracelets have a "blind clasp" closure
  • Stainless Steel link pins 
  • Links Over 1/2" Wide 
  • Neodymium unipole magnets, north toward skin
  • Each High Power therapy Magnet is 3600 gauss mfg. rating.
  • All Magnets are Epoxy Sealed
  • Magnets are encapsulated in stainless steel cups.
  • Up to 17 magnets depending on length
  • Titanium Magnetic Bracelets available in 6, 7, 8 and 9 inch
  • Money Back Guarantee

Note: This bracelet will look good on your wrist, a lot better than in the photo. It has bright silver accent bars with natural gray Titanium mini-arrows in between. It is very thin and is the widest bracelet we sell.


DM Titanium Link Bracelet 
Item  # 7470  
Solid Titanium base with plate accent. Up to 17 magnets depending on length., 9/16" (14mm) wide. Length available  9", 8" 7" & 6".

Out of stock
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