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Back PainRecorded history shows us that Aristotle, a philosopher, spoke about the therapeutic benefits of natural magnets. 200 BC reveals a Greek physician - Galan - who used natural magnets to relieve pain in treating many illnesses. 1,000 AD documents a Persian physician who used magnets to relieve gout and muscle spasms. In England in the 17th century physicians wrote of the effects of magnetism.

In France an in depth study of the use of magnets in the treatment of diseases was undertaken by the Royal Society of Medicine. Cleopatra is reputed to have worn a magnet on her forehead for its effects.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, believed in the powers of the magnet and often recommended it's usage. The Sun's solar flares and sun spots are composed of positive magnetism and often cause restlessness and other adverse effects. Positive magnetism excites, while Negative magnetism produces a calming effect.

The human blood system carries negative - calming - healing properties to those areas affected by illness or pain. During illness or at sites of pain, a large mass of positive (excited) magnetic fields are present. The quicker the body system can flood the affected areas with negative magnetic fields (or healing) the sooner the pain and/or illness will heal. The positive and negative affects are a push/pull of the ions associated to the illness or painful area. The lack of illness or pain is the balance to be achieved through the use of negative magnetic therapy on those affected areas.

Reprinted in 1930, Philippus Theophrastus Paracelsus von Hohenheim, a 16th century Swiss physician, chemist and philosopher: "The Magnets and Their Wonderful Ability to Help in the Cure of Various Diseases." Covers such areas as epilepsy and broken bones.

Dr. John Birch physician and surgeon of London introduced magnetic therapy in 1812 for treatment of pseudoarthrosis - a false bone joint of abnormal union between parts of a bone.

1905 in Germany, Dr Kreft reported on the healing effect on rheumatic diseases, sciatica and neuralgia. The report also included successful treatments of spasms and convulsions.

Dr George Crile, 1926 "A Bi-Polar Theory of Living Processes." In his work discusses the impact of magnets on cancer cells.

JAMA Feb 5, 1982 an article by Dr Bassett discusses tests on over a thousand "unhealable" bone fractures. The results 77% have been healed.

Dr Ivan Troeng a 1950’s - Stockholm, Sweden, researched showed improved circulation thus improving waste product removal and diminished pain.

NASA concerned over the weakness exhibited by astronauts, added magnets to the space capsule which helped overcome this problem.

1987 Prof Goesta Wollin wrote a paper with Erick Enby, MD, Clyde NC titled "Curing Cancer with supermagnets."

Prof Bjorn Nordenstrom, 1983 - head of Diagnositic Radiology at Stockholm’s Karolinska hospital wrote a book, "Biologically Closed Electric Circuits: Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulary System." He discusses magnetic use in treating tumors.


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