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DM Stainless Steel Magnetic Necklace 

DM Stainless Steel Necklace


Gold & Stainless Steel Magnetic Necklace. 
Item # 7042  Price:$89.95 

Alternating 23K gold plate and silver color over solid stainless steel base, 20 in. long,  3/8 in. wide, 25 therapy magnets rated 1700 gauss each, "blind clasp" latch.


Ladies "Love You" Stainless Steel & Gold Magnetic Necklace.  # 7045  Price:$89.95
Necklace is 23K gold plate and Stainless Steel base, 18 in. long,  1/4 in. wide, 15 therapy magnets rated 1700 gauss each, "blind clasp" latch.


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