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DM Deluxe Cushion Magnetic Insole

DM Deluxe Cushion Magnetic Insoles

Three layers add extra comfort to your feet. The soft cushioned top layer will keep you feeling dry and cool. The flexible magnet layer provides pain relief and increases circulation. The bottom layer is hi-density foam that will add comfort to you feet and help prevent the insole from sliding inside you shoes. The Insoles are constructed with a full surface unipole magnet core, durable comfort top (black), and a hi-density foam cushion bottom (gray). Black side is placed up in your shoe. Insole is 0.22" (less than 1/4 inch) thick. Foam will compress to conform to pressure points on your foot. The insole can be trimmed to fit shoe sizes, from men's size 13 down. Cutting guide included. This insole is similar to ones selling for $59.00 or more. Made in the USA. 

  • Magnetic Insoles Manufactured with high quality materials in the USA

  • Cushion Insoles Are Comfortable, Durable, Deep penetrating

  • Flexible magnet provides pain relief and increases circulation

  • Full surface unipole magnets (2450 gauss mfg. rating)

  • Whether you’ve been standing or walking for long hours, you will feel refreshed

  • Item # 1173 
  • Price:$25.95

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